Vote Local

All through this election campaign I have been telling people that whatever happens in Preston will not change the government, and that they should therefore “vote local”. Theresa May has called this election to secure her position as Prime Minister and, I hope, to strengthen her position in Brexit negotiations with our European neighbours. On June the 9th we shall still have a Conservative government led by Theresa May, probably with an increased majority. Nothing Prestonians do can change that.

Don’t believe me? Perhaps you’ll believe this Labour Party candidate, and sitting MP, for Enfield North, a constituency in London:

“… no one thinks Theresa May will not be Prime Minister, or that she will not have the majority she needs to negotiate Brexit.”

Letter from Joan Ryan (Labour, Enfield North). Source:

To be fair to Joan Ryan, she seems like a good local candidate. “Independent-minded”, she says, unlike our own Mark Hendrick, who does what his Labour Party bosses tell him to do (when he can be bothered to turn up at all – see But the main point here is this: in Preston, we are not voting for Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn to be Prime Minister, we are voting for our local representative.

So vote for the best local candidate. That candidate is me. I am the only Prestonian among the five candidates; the only one with parents, grandparents, great-grandparents from Preston (I’m sorry I don’t know about the fourth generation); the only one with children born and raised in Preston, the only one with a long-term, intergenerational interest in Preston, the only one for whom Preston is more than just a means to an end, a means to a political career.

Vote for the only candidate who really cares about Preston, its people, its future. Vote Platt for Preston.

One thought on “Vote Local”

  1. Yes, we need a Prestonian who cares about Preston. Simon Platt – Vote for a candidate who is local, to get issues heard that are local!


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