My opponents

I’m happy to link to my opponents’ resources; their websites, manifestos etc., so that Prestonians can make an informed choice on 8 June. Compare and contrast. See their priorities, and see mine. See their backgrounds, and see mine. I hope you’ll see why Preston needs me to be its MP.


Mark Hendrick still calls himself Preston’s MP. He’s not, of course, and I aim to make that a permanent state of affairs. There are many reasons not to vote for Mark; you can read some of them at They Work For You. (Really? Does he?) More reasons not to vote for him can be found in the Labour Party manifesto. You can also read about Mark Hendrick’s poor record at The Daily Express.


It won’t take you long to read Kevin Beaty’s website. I know it’s time consuming, Kevin, but come on! Kevin seems to be mostly absent. I don’t know anyone who’s received an election communication from him, and people like SPUC and Who Can I Vote For seem to have trouble contacting him. (I suppose Penrith is quite a long way from Preston.) Not to worry! Kevin is Theresa May’s candidate, after all – so all you need to read is the Conservative Manifesto. Good luck!


For Anne Power, see the website for the local branch of the Green Party. Her current passion is fracking, which is why she’s standing in Preston.She has a CV on Who Can I Vote For. You can read the utterly bonkers Green Party manifesto, here.

Liberal Democrat

For Neil Darby, see the website for the local branch of the Liberal Democrat Party. Neil studied politics at university and had a number of short-term jobs for the Liberal Democrats. He recently moved to Ingol, which has had Liberal Democrat councillors for a few years now, and got himself elected to the local council. More recently, he got his first proper job, doing marketing for a caravan park in Cockerham (it looks like a nice place). You can read Neil’s page on Linked In, and the extremist Liberal Democrat manifesto.

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