Save the Dinner Lady

I didn’t attend the UK against Hate march in Manchester recently. But Rachel Booth did, and was suspended from her job as a dinner lady at Moor Nook Primary School as a result. I have signed a petition to Suzanne Clough, Headmistress at Moor Nook, asking for Rachel to be reinstated and for an apology to be made to her and to her children, some of whom attend Moor Nook School. I hope you will sign it, too.

Update at 8 o’clock, Thursday evening:

4 thoughts on “Save the Dinner Lady”

  1. I have signed this too. This is a disturbing attack on freedom of conscience and on freedom of association!


    1. I have also signed it.

      People are entitled to their point of view. For a school to bully dissent in this way is a betrayal of their role in nurturing free thinking. I pity the children and other staff at Moor Nook


  2. If this school is so “progressive” how come every photo on their website features white, Western looking kids?


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