Preston MP Mark Hendrick votes against the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill and makes a point of insulting the successful Leave campaign

Yesterday the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill received its Second Reading in the House of Commons, an important step towards becoming law.

This bill is a necessary part of our leaving the EU. When passed it will repeal the European Communities Act of 1972, the Act of Parliament that first took us in (without any referendum), while maintaining continuity with existing EU regulations, incorporating them into British law so they can be approved, amended or repealed by our own parliament.

The Labour Party voted against this necessary bill, under a “three-line whip” – strong internal pressure on MPs to toe the party line. Only seven Labour MPs defied that whip; Mark Hendrick was not one of them. Perhaps that goes without saying: he always does what his masters tell him, and his masters are the Labour whips, not Prestonians. So his failure to act in the interests of the country and his constituency is not a surprise.

But the terms in which he did so are remarkable. He doesn’t often speak in the Chamber, but he did so last night. You can read what he had to say in Hansard, and watch him at He protests that he accepts the referendum result (although his speech makes it clear that he still doesn’t, really – just listen to it) but says “the Leave campaign told a pack of lies”. Extraordinary! I’d like him to substantiate that slur, and the implicit slur on those of us who he thinks fell for these “lies” and who he thinks will come to what he thinks are our senses some time in 2019.

To finish, the magnificent seven are Ronnie Campbell, Frank Field, Kate Hoey, Kelvin Hopkins, John Mann, Dennis Skinner, and Graham Stringer. (source: The Sun)

2 thoughts on “Preston MP Mark Hendrick votes against the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill and makes a point of insulting the successful Leave campaign”

  1. I like your “magnificent seven” quip 🙂 It is amazing what Mark Hendrick says, he has just insulted the majority of his Preston constituents who voted to leave the EU!

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  2. The Withdrawal Bill makes perfect democratic sense.

    It is what India did when it gained its independence from the UK. They knew they couldn’t suddenly have no legal framework, so they adopted all existing British influenced/imposed laws and then spent the subsequent years revising them as they saw fit. Perfect sense and an example which we must follow.

    As for Mr Hendrick, of course he doesn’t accept the referendum result. None of the Remainers do, although they have to pretend to do so. At the first opportunity he/they will show their true colours.

    As to claims of ‘lies’ I recall the Remain side telling us that Siemens would pull out of Britain, that there would have to be a new ‘punishment’ budget, that house prices would collapse, that a Third World War would start, that the USA would send us ‘to the back of the queue etc etc. I could go on in this vein for a considerable time.

    Instead of pretending that he supports the Preston public – which voted 53.3% to Leave – Mr Hendrick should reflect on his attitude to ordinary people. He treats up as if we are stupid.

    I was a Labour Party member for decades and I recall the principled positions of people like Peter Shore, Tony Benn, Michael Foot etc. I see only a being devoid of principle when I consider Mr Hendrick.

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