My message in the Lancashire Post

All the Preston candidates were given the opportunity to submit a 100-word statement for publication in last Tuesday’s Evening Post (I learned that even staff at the paper haven’t got used to calling it the “Lancashire Post”, so I don’t feel so bad when I call it the Evening Post myself).

Here’s my message:

As a lifelong Prestonian I am proud to be your UKIP candidate. I am passionate about my home city and believe in its bright future in an independent Britain.

Your vote in Preston will not decide who runs the country, but it can make a difference locally. As your MP I will stand up for the things that matter to the people of Preston: not just a successful Brexit, but also better schools, improved health and social care, a secure economy, a stronger community.

That’s why I’m standing for Preston, and that’s why I ask you to vote for me.

You can read the full article on the LEP website.

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