Interesting …

I’ve just seen, or at least heard, Mark Hendrick on my street (in Preston constituency, of course) for only the second time in 17 years. The first time he was in a posse of canvassers during an earlier general election campaign (it must have been 2001, I think). Just now we heard his disembodied voice as we sat down to tea. “Mark Hendrick… Mark Hendrick… today is polling day”. Rushing to the window, there was a white car – looked like a minicab – at the junction at the end of the street, pulling away. Of course I shook my fist and shouted “boo”, but it was too late. And I’m not sure whether it was really him, or just a recording. (I didn’t actually see him, but I’ve come to recognise his voice, of course.)

That is very encouraging. It suggests a level of concern. We’d just been discussing whether yesterday’s attack ad in the Evening Post was significant. In the conversation, someone had said “he must be worried”, just before we heard him, and that person is convinced of it now. It was also pointed out that the Labour Club opposite our house hasn’t put up its usual “vote Labour” posters this year.

So go out and vote UKIP, if you haven’t already. There’s a couple of hours left.

2 thoughts on “Interesting …”

  1. You definitely had my vote today, Simon! I hope there will be many more for you.
    Yes, what you say seems to be an indication of the level of concern by Hendrick. For years he has been a lazy MP who has taken the people of Preston for granted and is only interested in ‘Identity Politics’ instead of real local issues. I hope he gets what he so richly deserves tonight, a good kicking at the polls!

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    1. Thank you, Thinker Stinker – and all other voters in Preston who have voted to me to be their representative in Parliament.

      I heard from two Prestonians yesterday who were unhappy that they weren’t able to vote to me. They both they live in Lea: in Preston, but unfortunately in Fylde constituency.

      The constituency boundaries that will come in before the next election is due will change things in Preston for the better.


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