Simon Platt is your only Brexit candidate in Preston

re-leavers20groups-01via YouGov | Forget 52%. The rise of the “Re-Leavers” mean the pro-Brexit electorate is 68%

Your options in Preston:

One of the 22%? Vote Labour, Liberal Democrat, or Green.

One of the 23%? Vote Conservative.

One of the 45%? Vote for Simon Platt, your local UKIP candidate, in tune with the majority of Prestonians who believe that Britain has a better future outside the failing EU.

In Preston, votes for the other parties will make no difference. There will be a Conservative government, in need of a pro-Brexit opposition in parliament. The Labour candidate in Preston can’t deliver that – his track record speaks for itself. Vote Platt for Preston.

One thought on “Simon Platt is your only Brexit candidate in Preston”

  1. I see that there are five candidates in Preston. There are four Remainers and only one – Simon Platt – who backs Leave.

    Simon has my vote.

    It is clear that the country’s political class hated Brexit – and is now simply behaving as if people never voted for Brexit at all. Their contempt for the public is boundless.


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