Simon Platt is the UKIP candidate for Preston in the 2017 general election

As a Proud Prestonian I am delighted and excited to have been chosen to be UKIP’s candidate for Preston in the forthcoming general election. Preston has lacked adequate representation in parliament for many years, and I will change that.

Under Mark Hendrick and Jeremy Corbyn, Labour locally and nationally is committed to undermining the historic decision made last year by a majority of Prestonians and a majority in the country. They seek to remain in the EU Internal Market and Customs Union, preventing Britain from forging its own trade deals and keeping Britain subject to EU regulations and the European Court of Justice. They undermine the UK in our negotiations with our friends and neighbours in the EU. Preston and Britain deserve better. Of the major parties only UKIP is unequivocally committed to independence for the United Kingdom. Voting for me will put pressure on the government to fulfil its promise to respect the wishes of the British people, democratically expressed in the historic referendum of 23 June 2016.

But UKIP policy, and mine, is not just about Brexit. I look forward to communicating those policies to Prestonians over the next month. As your MP my priorities will be supporting families and small businesses, improving education, developing environmental protection and energy policy, strengthening local decision making for example in planning matters, supporting our armed services and the defence industry, and restoring sanity to the UK foreign aid programme. In many of these areas, not least defence and education, Preston in particular has been very badly served by Labour, coalition and Conservative governments for generations. Preston needs a new voice to stand up for its interests and the country’s. That voice is mine.

As your representative in parliament, I promise to put Britain first, Preston second, and UKIP third. Believe in Britain, and vote Platt for Preston.

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